Reasons To Open Your Account On Social Media Platform For Business Growth

By the time you enter 2019, traditional marketing might have fully eclipsed by the art of social media. This section is still growing and has not reach the pinnacle of it all. There are multiple instances which clearly prove that social media is here to stay for a longer span of time. For example, 75% of males and 84% of women use facebook on a regular basis. So, trying to grow your business by opening a business page in FB will help you out a lot. This way you get the chance to attract the Facebook users all at the same time. You can provide all information in your FB page and within no time, you can see the client’s base growing well.

Statistics for you to know:

You will finally realize the importance of social media once you start working out on the options involved in this section. First of all, you have customer service, which clearly matter a lot. People who report of receiving good social media customer can spend around 21% of extra money on the firm’s items. Then you have video, which is playing important form of social media based marketing. Around 91% of the social media users will use mobile devices for accessing accounts.

Other values for you:

More than half of people on social media will interact with brands more than once every month. They are primarily using it for more than just sharing updates. On the other hand, around 88% of companies are currently marketing on social media. In case, they are not, it is time to start think it otherwise and work on it well. Solely in the USA, 7 out of 10 people will have a minimum of one social media profile. So, working your way out in this regard will help big time.

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