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What are the Most Common Types of Cyberattacks?

When you don’t shield yourself and your business from cyber attacks, then you will be a victim of an attack in no time. The best way to shield yourself is to get acquainted with the most common forms of cyber attacks. Once you are aware of them, you can find many ways to tackle these cyber security concerns as well.

  • Social engineering

This entails password phishing emails. Here, hackers send out emails that seem official. In other words, they tend to spoof the emails from bigshot companies. Hackers believe that the users will click on these malicious links which will compel them to enter their login credentials and this is how users fall into trap by typing in such sensitive information. The best way to tackle this is by training and education. When people learn how to spot false emails, they will never click on such links. You can also use the two factor authentication. This secure login system calls for a physical subject as well as your login credentials.

  • Password cracking

Here, hackers use software attacks to gain access to safe accounts. They possess a password cracking software that helps in testing a plethora of potential passwords. These machines work successfully as password rules have rendered them less secure. Users tend to use many patterns when they use an uppercase letter or symbols. This makes the guesswork easy for the machine and the access is hence gained. The best way to tackle this by setting random passwords. You can also have long passwords. And if you cannot remember them, use password managers.

  • Malware

Hackers use worms, viruses, Trojan and many more tools to damage the companies by deteriorating or encrypting the files. The best way to tackle this is by using the right kind of software to protect you. In other words, this doesn’t only mean installation of antivirus programs and setting up firewalls but also keeping them up to date by all means. When you don’t, it becomes an easy access for the hackers.

  • Denial of service

This is where the hackers make a website inaccessible to genuine customers. Hackers achieve this by loading the website with unwanted traffic and data in order to render the website crashed in no time. Albeit, denial of service attack never impacts the financial costs of the victim directly, but the indirect costs are high so as to get the website running again. Ecommerce websites are a common victim to these attacks. This can be tackled by keeping antivirus programs updated and keeping an eye on your traffic reports so as to keep denial of service at bay.

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