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Vedic Rituals: Existence Solving Ancient Technologies

This isn’t a spiritual methodology and could be utilized by anybody around the world regardless of their background. Fundamental of sunshine: Scientifically, we’re essentially comprised of only Energy which appear as particles like electrons (leptons), quarks and Bosons. But because People we undergo two fundamental feelings of enjoyment and discomfort. Our mind wants only pleasures but no discomfort. Despite all technological advances, we could achieve only physical comforts and never overcome stress and mental sufferings. We have or even more health issues, relationship problems, financial problems etc than ever before. What’s the solution of these problems?

Once we have issues, our attitude is to try and change others, or change situations and atmosphere to create our existence better. Because we believe that others have the effect of our problems, we chronically complain and whine about others and also the situations. This results only in “Tug-of-War” situation with others and our atmosphere. When our efforts fail, we’re frustrated that people cannot change others as well as situations in existence. This failure becomes much more bitter for all of us. Real question is, how to proceed when we cannot change others or situations?

Inner Transformation The Universal option would be in “Inner Transformation”. Altering our attitude is preferable to meeting failures in altering others and situations. However for this self transformation we want inner-strength. With inner-strength we are able to overcome mental suffering and tolerate discomfort. With inner strength we are able to change span of our existence too by taking exercise the best choices in existence. The quantity of effort we place in that process will dictate time duration and concentration of the end result. In Vedic tradition, you will find technologies to improve inner-strength to manage challenges in existence as well as way to exercise right choices in existence. Among this probably the most effective the first is the sunlight from the lamp – the Photon technology and chanting mantras – the Seem technology.

Quantum physics proves that at nano level all energy vibrations operate as options level. Ancient seers have understood this secret understanding of one’s (Sakthi) and developed various technologies for that benefit not just for Indians but for the beings within the World. The intelligence-information field (IIF) of human is electro-magnetic field. It controls our emotional and physical makeup, through our ideas (thinking pattern) and our Genes.

The backup (memory) of ideas that people process during our physical interaction with this atmosphere and (internal thinking) will be deposited within the intelligence-information field (IIF). In spiritual language IIF is famous through various names like karma-bank or Aakasic records or Gnana-maya kosha. Since IIF control the Psycho-physical (Health insurance and personality) of the baby, our behavior and IQ derive from the data. The input for that IIF originates from the ideas in our existence-style, the influence of mother’s ideas while pregnant and also the memory-information from past-lifes.

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