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Should you play Rummy at office?

Now people love to play rummy while traveling, from home, and almost every time they get free moments. One of the most common places where these players love to spend some time with their rummy game is at the office. Well, playing the game by ignoring your work will be something unethical. But playing it during your breaks is always a great idea.

Still, a good number of people may not consider playing rummy at the workplace to be ethical. But noticing the benefits that it can offer you can change the thoughts for sure.

Should you play Rummy at the office?

You can always play rummy at the office due to the various benefits that it can offer.

  • Refresh your mind a bit:

It is quite understood that working at a stretch is something that nobody can do. It at times blocks your mind and you are not able to focus on your work much. This is the reason offices offer you a break at certain hours. But people differ from each other. One person may work at a stretch of 4 hours while someone else may need a break of 2 hours of work. Playing rummy in between your work for 10 minutes or so can help you de-cluster from the tasks that you are involved in. After the game, you feel much rejuvenated and can focus on your job better.

  • Earn extra Perks:

Who will not love to have an extra income over the regular fixed salary that they have? Playing rummy in office intervals is the best option for you to earn this extra money. The only clause is that it does not come in instantly. You need to invest a good amount of time in learning the rules and practicing the game with proper skills. When you have mastered the game, you can surely start winning bets and earning rewards.

  • Better Focus at work:

Often employees get diverted from their work because they get involved in unnecessary acts such as office politics. If you wish to take a break at work, invest that time in the rummy game so that you can stay away from such unhealthy things. When you return back to your work after a game, you are able to focus more on your work that increases your productivity and efficiency. Of course, this leads to better appraisals and motivates you more to work even better.


Playing rummy at the office is not a bad idea, but you should make sure that it does not hamper your work. An ideal way is to play the game when you take a break for some time from your task that you are doing. The option for play rummy app download is available easily that you can install on your phone and can enjoy the game sitting on your desk also. Just make sure to complete your tasks on time and you are all free to play the game at the office too.

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