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Eco-friendly Technology: Could Carbon Capture and Sequestration Cause Contamination of Groundwater?

Carbon capture and storage technology can dramatically reduce co2 emissions from industrial sources for example power plants that burn non-renewable fuels. The concept behind fraxel treatments is the fact that co2 released from industrial, mainly power generating sites could be taken using known chemical technology, concentrated, after which injected deep below the top of earth. If done correctly, the expectation would be that the CO2 will stay subterranean, and more importantly from the atmosphere, for thousands or even even millions or years.

Both coal and gas produce co2 upon combustion because the primary consequence. Scrubbing the CO2 in the smokestacks of those power plants is really a primary target from the carbon capture and sequestration technology that’s under development all over the world.

The important thing to creating carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology effective goes past trapping the CO2 emissions. All of this co2 needs to be stored… somewhere. That’s the problem.

Selecting sites for storing the enormous quantity of CO2 that’s created because of power generation has experienced another obstacle. Potential leaks from co2 injected deep subterranean could appear into consuming water aquifers nearer to the top. Because the CO2 rises with the earth in to the groundwater her possible ways to carry by using it various chemical contaminants. Based on research conducted recently by Duke College scientists, the power of contaminants in consuming water might be elevated 10-fold because of co2 leakages from deep injection sites.

According to an analysis water samples obtained from four consuming water aquifers in a variety of area of the U . s . States, proof of contamination by co2 leakage was discovered. The improved power of some contaminants was around 10-fold greater over the normal levels.

“The worry of consuming water contamination from CO2 leaks is among several sticking points about CCS and it has led to local opposition into it,” states Jackson, who directs Duke’s Focus on Global Change.

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