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Clickfunnels and its various features

Clickfunnels help people to accelerate their sales process through sales funnel. You will be provided all funnels like order forms, website hosting, shopping cart, and subscription website in one tool only. It will minimize your marketing work as you can simply turn on your concept and avail its services. You will be able to link various online processes to reduce the complication, showing the way to visit your official pages through your landing pages in clickfunnel. Most probably, it is claimed that 22 different types of funnels can be created with this including different features like:


It is email and SMS marketing software build in clickfunnels. It uses third party SMTP services for email marketing that reduces the risk of having your account to customers. This feature is mostly used in riskier industries including affiliate marketing.


It is the affiliated program software allowing the users to develop and manage their own affiliated programs.  It helps in tracking and commission payment to the affiliates who are working to increase their sales of products and services online on their behalf.  Clickfunnels backpack pricing is very affordable as well as beneficial and you can simply check online.

Offers customer support

They are loaded with strong and expert teams that can be contacted through emails or live chat. You will be helped in all the possible ways within 24-48 hours after your complaint is register excluding weekends. Telephone facility is not introduced by them. To subscribe, you can check clickfunnels pricing reviews online and get your suitable plan.           

Affiliate program

Clickfunnels pricing 2017 is very different from present pricing plans. Many changes have been made in its pricing.  It is one of the most popular and successful plans of the funnel. In this 40% of the total price of the sold products iare paid to them as commission. They will handle all marketing work on different platform on your behalf and generate maximum leads for you. You can convert that lead into paying customers.

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